Friday, 18 April 2014

Star Capital Seafood Restaurant

Star Capital is a more upscale Chinese restaurant along Chatswood's busy shopping strip. From the decor it looked like it was going to be expensive and surprise surprise it was...not to the point of being unaffordable but still pricier than other Chinese restaurants around the area. 

I had yum cha there on a weekday and was able to score a discount (I think it was 20-30% off the bill for afternoon tea). But even with the discount I paid more than what I would have had I dined at Kam Fook. 

The food was OK, nothing spectacular. Because it was tea time there was hardly anyone around so we had excellent and attentive service. Would I go back? Maybe only for special occasions.
Pork spareribs. I loved that there was hardly any bones and fat..all meaty goodness!

Shumai my favourite yum cha item of all time
Prawn dumpling. I didn't like this one, the wrapper was a bit thick and chewy.
Prawn and sesame rolls were good
The tea was a standout. Best basic jasmine tea from a yum cha place! 
The place was empty at around 3pm on a weekday so it's a great time to come and relax while you enjoy yum cha

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Double Roasters Marrickville

There are a lot of great cafes and coffee roasters popping up around Marrickville, and Double Roasters is one of more popular ones.

The place was super busy with diners and takeaway orders. The menu wasn't big but there was enough variety to keep it interesting. There was definitely something for everyone.

The Brazil single origin coffee was amazing! 

House baked beans with poached eggs
Big breakfast with a side of smoked trout..someone was super hungry! 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Khao Pla - Chatswood

I've dined at Khao Pla a few times and loved it every time. Service is great and food is awesome and well priced. Great spot to dine in Chatswood!

Crispy soft shell crab...always a hit!
Pad Thai. It was good but nothing exciting.
Beef massaman. Beef was tender and the sauce was great. Perfect with a steaming bowl of jasmine rice.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Taste of Sydney 2014

We went to the first night of the Taste of Sydney and had a really great time. We got there a bit early and managed to avoid the crowds and queues to buy food. Taste of Sydney will run till Sunday (16 March).

The Rekorderlig Cider tent was where we spent most of the evening. Nice spot to relax and enjoy the food and drinks. Bean bags were super comfy! Be sure to stop by for a glass of cider.
Tried the new apple guava cider and loved it. I know guava is not a flavour everyone enjoys but Rekorderlig made it quite subtle. It's refreshing and not too sweet. Would highly recommend you giving this one a try!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Baked French Toast - Nutella Project

I was invited by The Soup to participate in the Nutella Project to find new and fun ways to make Nutella part of breakfast. As part of this project, I received a big jar of Nutella with little baby jars and smaller snack packs in the mail.

To get some creative minds together, I invited friends over for a Nutella Breakfast. 

I was racking my brain for what to serve when I stumbled upon a baked French toast recipe by The Pioneer Woman and I just knew I had to make this. 

I followed most of her recipe but omitted the cream (I used all milk) and for the crumble I substituted half of the butter with Nutella to make a Nutella crumble. I soaked the bread in the egg/milk mixture overnight so the French toast came out super moist and yummy.
Bread soaked in the egg and milk mixture overnight and topped with the Nutella crumble mixture. Ready to bake.