Tuesday, 6 September 2011

East Ocean Yum Cha

I love love love yum cha but I hate that MSG induced dry-mouthed thirsty feeling you get after having one too many dumplings.  I can't say for certain that East Ocean uses MSG in their cooking but judging from my extremely thirsty state for the rest of the afternoon my guess is that they do. 

There were 7 of us so we were able to order a wide selection of dishes which included favourites like pork buns, hakkaw, shumai, spare ribs, tripe and roast duck. Overall I thought the food wasn't bad but it just wasn't great either. I think most of us at the table agreed that we've all had better. The only standout for me was the duck which was yummy!

I've been to East Ocean for dinner in the past and that was quite good so I think they just need to lift their game when it comes to yum cha.

This was just the start...there were a lot more dishes after this!
Tripe...I love this but don't get to have it unless I go with people who also eat tripe :)
My favourite shumai...or siomai as it's know in Manila where we have it with soy sauce, calamansi and chilli (optional)
Taro puff
East Ocean
421 Sussex St
Haymarket, 2000
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