Monday, 7 November 2011

Stacks Taverna

I went to Stacks Taverna recently for a friend's birthday lunch and remember thinking we were going to be having Greek food. And so I was a bit confused when I saw the menu.

There were Greek dishes but they also had "cook your own" steak, a wide selection of pizzas, salads, and other menu items. I'm all for having variety on the menu, but having too much of it just made it seem like the menu (and the restaurant) was having an identity crisis.

Anyway, on to the food...

To start we had garlic toasts which turned out to be made from Turkish bread which I absolutely love! 

Birthday girl had seared tuna with fennel salad and a side of green salad..that's a whole lot of salad :) The seared tuna was cooked well and had a lovely colour. W had the salmon which was also cooked perfectly. I didn't get to taste but it looked a bit boring with the salmon being served with plain asparagus and not much else.

Both K and I chose the pork belly which was really nice except for the disappointing crackling (didn't really crackle). What I did love about the dish was the whole cored apple that they served it with instead of the usual apple sauce. It gave the dish an extra taste and texture dimension. Oh and we also ordered a side of creamy mash potatoes which was very smooth and delicious.

We ended the meal with an apple crumble dessert pizza which was huge! It's a good concept but the crumble topping was a bit burnt so it really didn't taste that great. I also wouldn't recommend the coffee which was quite bland.

I know it seems like there were a few negatives to my dining experience. But overall I did enjoy my main and the side of mash. 

The main draw for Stacks is it's location and service. The food was OK but nothing to rave about. I think there are 2 things that need to change to lift it from being just average. First is consistency...the food has to be consistently great and not hit-or-miss. Second is the menu. I really do hope the menu finds an identity because I think that's what will set Stacks apart from the multitude of similar generic restaurants across Sydney. 
garlic toasted turkish bread
seared tuna with fennel salad
Pork belly with granny smith apple
grilled salmon
apple crumble pizza

Stacks Taverna
Shop 24-27, 1-25 Harbour St
Sydney, NSW 2000
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