Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tablespoon Cafe

Nestled in an obscure corner of a parking lot in Lindfield you'll find a favourite local breakfast haunt, Tablespoon. 

I've been here before and really enjoyed the food. So when I found myself in the neighbourhood, I couldn't resist stopping by for brunch at Tablespoon. The brunch menu is quite extensive and is available all day. 

For brunch we ordered 2 of the specials, the breakfast board and breakfast frittata, and the french toast with bacon. 

Loved the presentation of the 2 specials. The frittata came in a mini skillet and the breakfast board was served on a nice wooden board. The board wasn't anything special but the frittata was delicious. 

The french toast is probably the best I've had in Sydney. The eggy mixture had fully soaked through the toast so it gave the toast that soft, almost creamy texture. Served with crispy bacon and maple syrup, this dish is a winner!

And of course, brunch would not be complete without excellent cups of coffee. Will definitely be back again.
Tablespoon cafe brunch menu..available all day
Breakfast board of banana bread, toast soldiers, yoghurt, boiled egg
Perfectly cooked soft boiled egg
Bacon, tomato, ricotta frittata with brioche bun
French Toast

12 Tyron Rd
Lindfield, NSW 2070
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  1. I love the breakfast board. The humble boiled egg needs to make a public come back!