Sunday, 26 February 2012

Delicado Foods Spanish Tapas

It's been years since I last had tapas at Delicado Foods and I remember loving the food, so I was really looking forward to a great evening. 

We were given a long table outside to accommodate our big group. It was a lovely night so being outside was lovely. The only complaint I had was that the seats were squished too closely together and so we couldn't easily get in and out of our seats. 

Service was great and food was enjoyable. There's a wide selection of tapas on the menu, not just the usual gambas, patatas bravas and garlic mushrooms that you typically find in some of the Spanish places in the city.

I should also mention that Delicado Foods has a deli indoors and a wonderful bottle shop next door. 

Bread with Spanish Olive Oil to start the evening 
The waiter recommended this platter of smoked chorizo and jamon. I've never had smoked chorizo before and I'm glad we ordered this. I personally am a huge fan of smoking so this was a treat.
We then ordered the regular grilled chorizo with chimmichurri.
Crispy Squid with aioli ($22) was next. The squid was cooked well and slightly crispy.
I was really happy to see they still had the zucchini flowers on the menu so of course I had to order this for the table. Zucchini Flower, queso di Cabra, butternut pumpkin, romesco sauce $7 per piece. Yum!
We also ordered a few of the mains to share. First up was the Confit Pork Belly, spicy pork/pistachio empanadas, apricot compote, braised radicchio, almond jus ($29). It was a pleasant dish but wasn't a standout.
For the other main, we ordered Black Angus Sirloin (300gm) Rangers Valley (medium-rare only) ($35). The beef was perfectly cooked and very tender. I thought it was delicious.
Lastly we had Arroz Negro con Calamares y Chorizo, cherry tomato, shallots with lime and habanero vinaigrette ($27). By the time this dish came out, we were already stuffed. I only managed to eat a few spoonfuls of the arroz negro. Would've wanted to eat more if only I could, but had to save room for dessert. 
We ended the night with churros con chocolate with dulce de leche..YUM! 

Delicado Foods
134 Blues Point Rd Map.29b6403 

McMahons PointNSW 2060
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  1. Your blog about Spanish food is really awesome and this food looks delicious. Thanks for sharing your experience with us . I love Spanish food very much and i have tried many spanish recipes which i got from YouTube , recipe books and many other website at home . I like visiting Spanish restaurants in weekend.

  2. @brand_adam glad you enjoyed reading the posts. Spanish food is awesome! I'm always looking for new places to try so if you've come across any good Spanish places, feel free to drop me some suggestions.