Sunday, 19 February 2012

NoGoSan Korean Restaurant - Chatswood

The dining scene at Chatswood has been evolving over the past year and NoGoSan is another welcome addition to the community. 

It's located just across the road from Chatswood Chase so it's walking distance from the train station. 

Food portions are quite generous and prices are reasonable. The menu is extensive and service is good. I enjoyed the food and the experience and would recommend it for a casual dinner out with friends or family.
Korean cuisine is something I really enjoy, especially during winter. I love the spicy food, the rice wine, and the silver chopsticks and bowls. Another thing I love is the assorted side dishes that come with every meal. The side dishes at NoGoSan were delicious and the servings were quite generous. I especially enjoyed their kimchi and the seaweed side dish.
We ordered jap chae because my friend, I, wanted noodles. The jap chae was great. The only problem was that we didn't realise we ordered the jap chae rice topping so we only had a little jap chae with a lot of rice underneath. Next time we need to pay more attention when ordering!

We also ordered beef bibimbap. Bibimbap is one of my favourite Korean dishes and this one did not disappoint. I especially loved that they added a good portion of enoki mushrooms.

Like all the other dishes, the seafood pancake was delicious, light and crisp. I really loved it and I couldn't get enough of that dipping sauce.

NoGoSan Korean 
86 Archer St, Chatswood 
NSW 2067
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