Sunday, 18 March 2012

Menya Mappen

I sometimes go through phases of food cravings and recently that craving has been noodles..udon, ramen, pad thai...I just can't get enough of noodles. 

One of my favourite noodle places is Menya Mappen in the CBD. It's a charming little shop that serves udon, ramen and an assortment of tempura. Food is delicious and quite cheap, with small noodles costing no more than $6 and large noodles at less than $8. 
Here's a view of the small but super busy kitchen. Every time I've been here there's always been a queue. But don't let that stop you from coming in because the kitchen is super efficient so you won't have to wait long. 
Inside the tiny noodle bar there's plenty of communal tables. But in case you can't find a seat you can get takeaway for 20cents extra. Order from the counter then find a seat. Make sure to take your tray with you when you're done and deposit it at the tray return window. 
The service is similar to a cafeteria serving queue where you order and pick up your noodle dish first, then go through the queue and select from a variety of tempura before paying at the counter.
You can select as few or as many pieces of tempura as you desire, and you pay for it by the piece. There's prawn, veggie, chicken, fish sticks and hotdog tempura. 
We ordered the spicy pork udon soup and a dry udon with spicy cod roe. Both dishes were delicious, loved the texture of the udon noodles. I especially loved the dry udon dish, there was a lovely creaminess from the egg and cod roe.
We picked vegetable, prawn and chicken tempura. The batter was light and crisp. 
Brilliant food at excellent prices, Menya Mappen is outstanding value. And with it's speedy service, this is definitely a better alternative to typical fast food fare.

Menya Mappen
Shop 11, 537 - 551 George Street
SydneyNSW 2000
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