Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tommy's Beer Cafe

Tommy's Beer Cafe in Glebe is a definite must try for those who love beer, crackling and sausages. It's a Czech beer cafe with a wide selection of beers and Eastern European dishes on the menu.

Prices are reasonable and it's definitely great value for the massive servings! Oh, almost forgot to mention that although not on the menu, you can order 1 litre beers and drink to your heart's content.
Perfect beer match! Beer with pork crackling ($4.20 per serve of crackling). There was a lot more crackling in the bowl but I wasn't fast enough with my camera to take a photo before most of the crackling disappeared into the mouths of the hungry beer drinkers. I also wasn't fast enough to take a photo of the pretzels which were delish!
Hungarian veal goulash with dumplings. This brought back memories of my trip to Prague where I had a similar dish. But this was so much better! The dumpling was soft and perfect for soaking up that wonderful gravy.

Tasting platter of roast duck, veal schnitzel and pork belly with sides of braised red cabbage, sauerkraut and mash. In my opinion the platter was gigantic enough to feed 2-3 people but of course 2 of the boys at the table managed to wolf down 1 platter each. Amazing feat! 
Hunter Schnitzel which is a chicken schnitzel served with herbed mushroom sauce. It's very similar to a Jaeger Schnitzel. This wasn't that great, I've had better ones at the pub. 
All in all a hearty and very satisfying meal. Will definitely be back to have some more of the crackling and also attempt to get a few people together to try the 1 meter sausage!

Tommy's Beer Cafe
123 Glebe Point Rd
GlebeNSW 2037
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