Saturday, 26 May 2012

Reuben Hills

Breakfast or brunch (since I'm not normally awake to make it to breakfast) is my favourite meal of the day and having a proper one with all the trimmings is one of the things I look forward to during the weekend. 

So I found myself at Reuben Hills in Surry Hills one Saturday morning (or should I say close to midday) for brunch. I was super excited because this is not your typical breakfast menu. Yes they still had eggs, bread, ham or bacon. But the dishes are presented with a Central American twist. 

In fact, even their coffee had a different flavour to it, not your typical Arabica beans. I liked the coffee but it did taste odd (but in a good way) at the start. C had the white choc and espresso shake which was very creamy and rich.

For food we ordered the empanadas to share. I personally loved the pastry of the empanada but C found the filling to be a bit too mushy to the point where it was hard to tell what we were eating (if we didn't know already from the menu). Maybe that's how they make it in Central America but we just would have preferred a chunkier filling.

I had the baleada with cheese, eggs and black beans. I really enjoyed it but again presentation was not the best. I could barely distinguish the scrambled eggs from the cheese as you'll see in my photo below. I did love the taste though, it was delicious and definitely worth trying. I loved the flavour of the beans. There is a pork version as well which looks promising.

Rather than ordering the baked eggs dish that she was eyeing, C decided to go with the NOT-Reuben beef brisket. Again, the looks let this dish down because it looked a bit too blackened. I tasted a bit of it and it was OK. Personally, I love the reuben and would prefer to have that to this non-reuben sandwich. C didn't enjoy it because she said the salt distribution was not very even so some parts of the beef were saltier than others. Would we order this again? probably not. We'll go with the eggs next time.

Overall, I liked it but C didn't. The food is not what you'd typically find in other cafes so I would recommend it as a must try at least once. But would this make it to my list of favourite breakfast places? Not really. It's probably going to be in my "once in a while" bucket.

Reuben Hills is located along Albion St Surry Hills. Very easy to spot.
I loved the Horlicks bottle they used to serve water in. 

Here's the Baleada with cheese, eggs and beans. As you can see, the eggs and cheese kind of look the same. The scrambled eggs were not fluffy at all so it looked a bit crumbly like the cheese.
Not-reuben salted beef brisket. Definitely not one of the best sandwiches out there. It was OK but could be better.
Empanadas with a spicy tomato sauce. I loved the flavour of these little empanadas and I loved the pastry. Loved the flavour of the filling but not so much the texture of it.

Reuben Hills

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