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I've read a lot of mixed reviews about 4Fourteen so I wasn't too sure I was going to enjoy dinner at the restaurant. But I'm happy to report that I totally did! 

With the exception of the kingfish dish (which was underwhelming), all the other dishes were fantastic. The highlight was definitely the roasted celeriac which was just so delicious. Tables all around us were also gushing praise for the roasted celeriac.

The service was good and I really loved the restaurant layout. We sat near the open kitchen so we got to see the 4Fourteen team in action. It was amazing how organised and calm it was in the kitchen.
I loved the spacious feel of the restaurant. I thought it was really clever how they made good use of the space without it feeling cramped. There are proper tables as well as bar seats spread around the restaurant. 
Here's our view of the kitchen. They had a bit of a lull in service as the first sitting for dinner were finishing their dessert. But it wasn't long before orders started coming in for entrees for the second sitting for the evening.
Chicken wings ($7.50 each). I loved the different textures and flavour combination of the deboned chicken wing layered with parfait, tortilla and quince chutney. If you find that there's too much parfait for your taste, you can do what C did by scraping some off and spreading it on sourdough bread which was a great idea.

Citrus kingfish with vanilla buttermilk. I'm not too sure about this dish. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. There was just something not quite right with the combination of flavours. Each component was OK by itself, but eaten together it was a bit strange. I wasn't expecting the dish to be as sweet as it was because it did say citrusy on the menu. I'd give this a miss.
Braised beef with root vegetables and fried bread ($30). Loved this dish! The beef was super tender and the pickled root vegetables helped cut through the richness of the dish. And fried bread...don't think you can go wrong with that! I think it was the perfect size to share between 2.

3-hour Celeriac 3-ways ($14). This was an amazing dish and the perfect accompaniment to the braised beef. Loved the 3 different textures. There was the super thin  crispy celeriac, the pureed celeriac, and our favourite roasted version. Amazing how good this tasted. Apparently it was just slow roasted with olive oil and butter. So simple but so unbelievably good.
White chocolate sandwich with dulce de leche ($14). We couldn't really taste the white chocolate in the parfait but it was super creamy and went well with the waffer thin crisp and the excellent dulce de leche.

My only recommendation is that maybe they should think of a different way of serving the dulce because the piped version looked like a suspicious brown matter (you know what I mean)!
Would love to hear what you thought of 4Fourteen so please leave a comment.


414 Bourke Street 
Surry HillsNSW 2010
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