Monday, 20 August 2012

Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen

Here's another new addition to Chatswood's flourishing food scene. I went to check it out last week and sampled some of the dishes.

The place is tiny and quite crowded. But turnover is pretty quick as the kitchen is able to churn food at a fast pace. It's like fast food Asian style!

Bao Dao has a small and simple menu of Taiwanese dishes. Dishes are nothing fancy but more of the cheap but tasty variety.

I enjoyed the sticky rice with pork mince topping and the gwa bao (pork bun). But would give the chicken floss and chicken basil a miss for next time. 

Bao Dao wouldn't be my first choice for a dining destination in Chatswood because I can get pretty much the same thing from the Taiwanese food kiosk at the Chatswood food market (on Thursdays). But I do think that if you're after fast food, this is a good alternative to Macca's. 
Sticky rice topped with minced pork and pickled veggies 
Gwa bao (pork bun) on the left and the crispy basil chicken on the right. The bun itself was quite soft and the pork was tender. The basil chicken was OK. I would have liked more basil. 

Chicken floss on rice. This was basically shreds of chicken on top of plain steamed rice and some sort of soy and oil sauce. It's quite a bland and plain dish. It was OK but I found it a bit bland and very plain.
Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen located on Anderson St right outside Westfield's Chatswood

Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen

Shop 8 376 Victoria Ave 

ChatswoodNSW 2067

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  1. Can't wait to try this new Taiwanese place next time I go to Chatswood.