Monday, 20 August 2012

Misschu Tuckshop (Regent Place)

I've been wanting to try Misschu's but it's always packed during weekdays so finally got to try it on a quiet Saturday.

To order, you just tick off the items you want from a checklist and then pay at the counter. But for a "tuckshop", I'd say it's on the pricey side. Rice toppings and noodles will set you back about $13-$16 per dish and rice paper rolls cost $7.50 ($9 for the duck roll). Food was good though and I really loved the rice paper roll.  

Everything came out pretty fast and while you eat, you can even charge your iphone or ipad at the charging station.  If you're in a rush and can't find a seat, you can always just get takeaway.

Misschu Tuckshop on the ground level of Regent's Place. We came on a Saturday so it wasn't crowded but on weekday's this place is packed.
Duck and banana blossom rice paper roll ($9). I really enjoyed these rolls. They were packed full of flavour and very fresh. The sauce was pretty good too.
The rice paper roll was packed with lots of duck and fresh veggies

Duck pancake ($3.50 per serve). This is a take on the classic Peking duck pancake. 
Brown rice and quinoa topped with stewed pork belly, veggies and perfectly cooked egg ($16). This was yummy and I really loved that they didn't serve this with just plain white rice.

Misschu Tuckshop

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  1. I adore the stewed pork belly here; the egg really makes it even better.