Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Coffee Warehouse

This warehouse/shop/restaurant is located along the busy Parramatta Rd. But once you walk in, you forget you're next to a busy road.

Coffee Warehouse kind of reminded me of Fratelli Fresh with it's restaurant within a grocery/deli setup. There's a real family vibe to the place and there were lots of people coming in to either dine or shop at the deli/grocery section.

Service was super quick and efficient and the staff were friendly. Lots of parking at the back.

Food was delicious and way exceeded our expectations. The portions were generous and good value for the price. 

We really enjoyed our breakfast at Coffee Warehouse. Can't wait to go back.
Warehouse deli restaurant. It's such a wide open space. I think it would be great for a big group or family dinner.

The shop side of the warehouse deli. 
Coffee was excellent! 
Vanilla polenta porridge with poached pear ($9). I've never had polenta cooked this way. It was a creamy and vanilla-y concoction served warm. Much better than regular porridge! The poached pear was super soft and delicious...wished there was more of it. 
Bean and Sausage ($12). An awesome take on the humble baked beans. This is such a delicious dish of tender beans and yummy chorizo. It's topped with perfectly poached egg and basil oil. Just delicious and really great value for the price. 
couldn't resist a close-up shot of the perfectly poached egg

Highly recommended!

Coffee Warehouse

17-35 Parramatta Road 



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