Saturday, 29 September 2012

Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian has been blogged about to death already, so this'll be a quick post with lots of photos.

If you're planning to have dinner here, my best tip is to get there as early as you can because you'll have to queue up to get yourself on the waitlist. If the wait is long, give them your number and head to a nice place to have pre-dinner drinks. For us, we waited about 1 hour up at Orbit Lounge Bar so we were able to have a few drinks and relax whilst we waited for the call from Jamie's.

Food at Jamie's was good but not mind-blowingly so. To be honest, there are other great Italian places you can go to without the 1 hour wait. Would I recommend it? Well, if you have the patience to wait that long, then I would say it's something to try at least once...if only for the novelty of going to a restaurant named after Jamie Oliver.

Complementary selection of bread

Truffle linguine
Baked mushroom
Wild ragu pasta pipe

Tiramisu with a strong kick

Panna cotta with lovely berries

Jamie's Italian

107 Pitt Street 

SydneyNSW 02000
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  1. Hi Constant Diner,

    I’m a pom & a touch homesick so when I read this review & it definitely brought back memories of the London Jamie's & I'm now determined to aleviate the homesickness very soon, the panna cotta looks amazing too …there goes the diet! I was wondering if I could maybe get some help? I’m working on an app atm, and a part of the app will have bloggers recommending the tip top places in their city to check out – as part of my pre-launch strategy I am launching a website which will house reviews & recommendations from top bloggers in each city (Style Bloggers / Mummy Bloggers / Foodie Bloggers etc) – these will all include bios of the writer plus info on the blog + links. We so far have 3,000 people who have preregistered for the app & it will drive traffic straight to here Is there anyway you would consider donating a piece for me to republish or even creating something new? You can see what I mean on – Love, Lauren X

    1. Hi Lauren, thanks for leaving a comment and contacting me. Sounds like an interesting app. Would love to know more about it. Tried your URL and it didn't work. Maybe you can send me more info or another link?