Friday, 14 June 2013

Movida Next Door

On a recent trip to Melbourne, I got a chance to dine at Movida Next Door. I know there's a Movida in Sydney but just haven't had a chance to go so I was super excited to try Next Door. 

It's tucked in the colourful and vibrant Hosier Lane and looks out towards Federation Square so there's lots of interesting things to see. 

I went with a bunch of friends and we all enjoyed the meal so just wanted to share some photos and meal highlights.

Conservas..not your average tin

Navajas ($29) or razor clams. I had razor clams in Barcelona and so I was excited to see these on the menu. 
Chipirones ($13). Stuffed squid in ink sauce. How can something so good come from a tin?! I loved it so much I bought 2 tins to take home. Tip: 1 tin costs $6.50 to take home which is 50% less than if you order it and have them serve it to you with bread and the pickled garlic
Tapas time! 
Anchoa ($5.50 ea). These tiny morsels were a standout for me. I could happily munch on these all day!
These were specials for the day. Lovely fresh prawns
Bocadillo de chorizo ($9 ea). The chorizo by itself was a tad salty but overall it's a good sandwich..not exceptional though
Bomba ($4.80 ea). A bit pricey for a tiny potato ball filled with chorizo. But it was well worth it..delish!
Here's a shot of the yumminess inside

Raciones for something meatier

Embutido ($17) which is platter of Spanish ham and chorizo

Pig's ears anyone? Doesn't sound too appetising but it is delicious and morish! The ears are light and crispy and is perfectly paired with the pickled chilies. Oreja ($12.50)

Postre...sugar rush

Churros con chocolate ($12). Doughnuts and chocolate, can't go wrong!

Tarta de Queso ($13.50). I was expecting this to be similar to the tarta de queso I had in San Sebastian, Spain. But sadly this was nothing close and it's not to my taste as the goat's cheese was quite strong.


164 Flinders St,
(cnr Hosier Lane)
VIC 3000
Melb. Office Tel:
+61 3 9663 3038
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