Monday, 7 April 2014

Double Roasters Marrickville

There are a lot of great cafes and coffee roasters popping up around Marrickville, and Double Roasters is one of more popular ones.

The place was super busy with diners and takeaway orders. The menu wasn't big but there was enough variety to keep it interesting. There was definitely something for everyone.

The Brazil single origin coffee was amazing! 

House baked beans with poached eggs
Big breakfast with a side of smoked trout..someone was super hungry! 
Mushrooms on toast. Those mushrooms were superb! 
Corn and zucchini fritters with avocado and a side of crispy bacon. It was a good dish but I would've liked the dish to be a lot warmer. The egg wasn't very appetising at all because they were verging on the cold side.
Coffee beans for sale, smallest bag was about $10

Double Roasters

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  1. mmm i heart mushrooms on toast!

  2. This cafe is always buzzing! Love the look of the corn fritter but shame about the cold egg!

  3. yes it was totally buzzing. It was busy the entire time we were there.